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Somatic Experiencing

Information about Somatic Experiencing and Peter Levine click here.

Grounding Exercises

Grounding yourself, can be as simple as noticing how you are in the moment and offer yourself some compassion. Here is a list of grounding techniques:

  • Focus on your feet
  • Balance on one foot, than the other
  • Imagine roots connecting you to the earth
  • Disconnect from electronic devices
  • Imagine breathing all the way down to your toes

Breathing Techniques

Breathing, is something that we do without thought, which means we are not paying attention. Paying attention to and managing your breath can help with anxiety and grounding. Here are some links:

Reading List

Peter Levine:

  • Waking the Tiger
  • In an Unspoken Voice
  • Trauma and Memory

Gabor Mate:

  • When the Body Says No

For First Responders:

Cheryl Regehr and Ted Bober:

  • In the Line of Fire

Natalie Harris:

  • Save my Life School

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