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Why I do what I do


The "Why" of the Matter

In nearly two decades of working with allied agencies like corrections officers, firefighters, police constables and paramedic colleagues, I witnessed the incredible dedication of emergency department nurses, clerks, and environmental services staff.

Simultaneously, I recognized that although we take very good care of each other, we do not tend to take very good care of ourselves.

I also began to see that when I was taking care of patients and their families, tending to the ill and physically injured, that there was very little time to care for their mental wellbeing. I recognized that the death of a loved one, involvement in an accident or other unpleasant experiences, was enough to derail anyone’s mental health and overwhelm their typical coping strategies.

Exposure to adverse events leaves its mark — this is called psychological trauma. Not everyone will be affected in the same way, but our personal history and the kinds and frequencies of trauma we have been exposed to can create either resiliency, or susceptibility, to mental health symptoms.

Mental health symptoms can include uncomfortable and unpleasant, mental, emotional and physical experiences.

They can be from an acute event (a single critical occurrence), chronic or cumulative (from numerous or ongoing events), or vicarious (witnessing or hearing of another’s traumatic experience). The result of this exposure may lead to pain (physical and mental), difficulty sleeping, concentrating and interacting with others. Anger, withdrawal, isolation, dissociation and anxiety are all symptoms/reactions that may be experienced and cause an upheaval in your life.

Most of us are very good at taking care of others. Many of us are even very good care at taking care of ourselves when it comes to good nutrition, exercise, social engagement, and more — but something may still feel “off”. 

This is where psychotherapy can help.  

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