Update May 26, 2020

Welcome back,

I do hope that this message finds you as well as you can be. As the events over the last few weeks have unfolded, we all have had to find new ways of living our lives. I, as I imagine many of you, am still learning to navigate this 'new normal', however that looks for each of us. At times, it has felt very unsettling and other times okay. 

As a Registered Psychotherapist, I am part of the 'Stage 1' reopening process as laid out by our provincial government, which means we are permitted to do in-person sessions. Conversely, the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario has advised that we are to continue to provide sessions via telehealth programs and phone (virtual sessions) for the safety of our clients and their families

I have done much in the way of research, plus looking at my shared office environment, I feel the risk to you is excessive. Therefore, for the safety of everyone, I will primarily be offering virtual sessions. There are other options up for discussion, on a case-by-case basis. If this idea interests you, please contact me. 

I know the virtual environment is not optimal, but it is the tool that is working to keep everyone safe. I have found my comfort level with the technology has increased quite a bit since this whole situation began.

Best regards and Bew well,


Update April 13, 2020

Hello again,

As I continue to support the process of #PhysicalDistancing to #FlattenTheCurve, I will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. I recall my experience as a paramedic during the SARS epidemic in 2003, the health department did not lift the requirement of PPE (I imagine you all know what I speak of) until the end of June, beginning of July that year. I am thinking life will not get back to a semblance of "normal" until that time.

Like many of us, I am feeling the effects of isolation and lack of contact with others, but find that even when I work online, there is a connection. It is not an optimal situation, but it is working now.

I look forward to a time when I can be "in-person" with you all.

Best regards and Be well,

Update, March 20, 2020

Dear present and future clients,

I have spent the last few days assessing the ever-changing situation regarding COVID-19, and have decided as of today, to take my practice completely remote. I know that this is not ideal. I have not come to this decision lightly, my experience as a paramedic motivated me to put on my “risk management hat”, and I have chosen to protect you and all of those you have in your life. I imagine that this decision may likely be upsetting and/or triggering, but the situation we are in is unprecedented and not remotely comparable to any recent illness outbreak.

I feel that in-person sessions are important, especially with the work we are doing together, but I want you to know from my own experience, online sessions work. The site I use is secure and works on any device (including a smartphone) that has a web browser, like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. If you continue to feel discomfort with this option, we may also use the phone as a back-up.

I hope you will consider this as an option for the foreseeable future, as we have no idea how long the state of emergency may last beyond March 31, 2020.

You have my pledge and commitment to supporting you through this almost “surreal” situation we are living at the moment.
I look forward to hearing from you, I encourage you to reach out with any concerns or questions. Please let me know which option will work best for you.
Best regards and be well, Amanda

Illness Policy - posted March 15, 2020

Dear Clients,

I am concerned about your physical and emotional health and want to support you during this scary COVID-19 pandemic. I realize that our therapy appointments are important. 

However, if you have been exposed to anyone with the virus, been in an airport recently or are showing any symptoms of ANY ILLNESS THAT INCLUDES A FEVER, please wait 14 days after the FEVER has subsided before coming in for an appointment. If you have a cold, we will be taking “regular” precautions, as we always do during a “regular” cold/flu season.

If desired, we can do online sessions via a secure server (you will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone, a private place to speak, and stable internet/WiFi access) the other option is, sessions by phone. You can also choose to reschedule. 

If you are still okay as per above guidelines and are wanting to have in-person sessions, please follow the following guidance upon arrival to the office:

  1. Please wash your hands before coming into the waiting room.
  2. Please also use the hand sanitizer available in the waiting room.
  3. Please avoid hand shaking and practice social distancing.
  4. Please cough/sneeze into your arm.

Please know that I too am practicing precautions while working with you and will be taking additional precautions to ensure the waiting room and my office areas are as safe as possible.  Again, your overall health is important to me. I want to ensure that you are supported at this time. 

Be well!

Best regards,